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Newton News: January

The Newton News provides an opportunity for the Newton BIA to gain awareness in the community and promote local news, & BIA programs.This endeavor allows BIA members to advertise their businesses in the monthly publication.    

Merchant the Thirty-second: Fab Burgers

Sometimes a basic burger just doesn’t slide. I mean the ones with just a bun, patty, and ketchup. If you’re feeling a little fancy and a little extra, why not go all the way with the gourmet burgers at Fab Burgers. Located on 137th street in the heart of Newton, Fab Burgers is a new restaurant that offers a variety of deluxe burgers for everyone.   Fab Burgers has elevated the standards for the burger...

Merchant the Thirty-first: Eye Level Learning

Children’s education is vital for their professional development and can greatly improve their growth. Not all classrooms are the same and the speed at which they learn might become too overwhelming for some students. Sometimes, students just need extra help to greatly improve their learning process, and at Eye Level Learning, they help students strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills.   As described in their mandate, “the name Eye Level stems from a...

Merchant the Thirtieth: Newton Optometry Clinic

Eyecare is something that many may overlook. Problems usually develop and arise as we get older. However, some people will have 20/20 vision for their entire lives. No matter the case, it’s always beneficial to have yearly eye exams to ensure that the optometrists catch problems (if anything) early on. At Newton Optometry Clinic, a personalized approach is applied to every patient. Since 1997, Newton Optometry Clinic has grown into a thriving eyecare services provider...

Merchant the Twenty-ninth: Shawarma Palace

“What should we eat, where should we go?” often comes up amongst friends. Everyone’s hungry and wants to grab some food or dine out, but the biggest struggle is, what’s a compromise that will satisfy everyone, and most importantly yourself? During those instances, I know that I’d want to try something new, and Shawarma Palace offers a special taste of the middle east that Newton has yet to experience.   Shawarma Palace is great option...

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