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The Newton Business Improvement Association is passionate about revitalizing and improving the opportunities for businesses in the Newton Town Centre area.

Area Enhancement

Universal Graffiti Program

The universal graffiti program is contracted through ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ by the Newton BIA. The purpose of the program is to remove all graffiti in the Newton Town Centre ensuring a graffiti free environment. Have you seen any graffiti? Report it to graffiti@newtonbia.com.

Team Tidy

Team Tidy is a clean streets initiative created by the Newton BIA. As an inclusive employer, the BIA has Team Tidy employees employed through AVIA Employment Services. The team is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the streets within the Newton BIA boundary. They do this by picking up litter on streets and parking lots, and reporting graffiti, illegal dumping, illegal signage, abandoned shopping carts, and problem properties. Team Tidy works closely with the CSP...

Shopping Cart Retrieval Program

A steady supply of shopping carts is essential for any large business to operate successfully. Unfortunately, carts are at risk of disappearing from lots, taken by customers, shoppers from neighbouring stores, and recyclers. Despite the best efforts of businesses to protect their carts, this remains a nearly constant problem. In response to this issue, the Newton BIA is implementing a shopping cart retrieval service designed for the Newton Town Centre area. We will be...


Mural Laneway

With Newton growing rapidly, there is increased demand for a safe and vibrant Town Centre with activated and inviting public spaces. Newton’s diverse community and growing business network provide an excellent foundation for a thriving small business community with a unique cultural identity. Newton BIA has already made much progress with improving public spaces, in particular mural alley behind King George Blvd and 72 Ave. Mural Preview Download Mural Walk Map...

Government Relations

Newton Talks

Do you have questions and concerns about what’s happening in the Newton Town Centre? Looking for a chance to connect with other businesses and organizations in the town centre? Newton Talks is just the thing for you! Newton Talks is a networking forum for the business community to establish a voice for Newton that improves business opportunities, revitalize the area, and creates a sustainable future for the community. This will be a open...

Newton Town Centre 20 Year Plan

Newton, the heart of Surrey, holds the highest population from any other district in the City of Surrey. However, Newton lacks the infrastructure and investment to show for its large population. The Newton BIA is focused on creating a viable 20-year plan for the Newton Town Centre. Currently, the Newton Town Centre has many vacant store fronts, aging infrastructure, an increasing population, a lack of transportation, no density, a hurting brand, lack of gathering spaces,...

Newton Toolkit

State of Newton

Marketing & Events

Merchant Shoutout

Merchant Shout-out is a monthly blog highlighting one business within the Newton Town Centre. The blog features a business owner’s personal story and journey, information about the business, their connection to Newton, and possible promotions and events. Learn more about your local businesses by tuning in monthly on our blog. Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen

Signature Events

The Newton BIA has held annual events for over 5 years and continues to do so to help the community prosper. Most notably, the BIA organizes Spooktacular, the only family-friendly Halloween event in Newton; averaging 6000 visitors. In partnership with Surrey Board of Trade, the BIA hosts the annual State of Newton as a showcase of how far we’ve come and a look to the future of the Newton Town Centre.


Newton Safety Unit

The Newton Safety Unit is a collaborative weekly safety initiative for the Newton Town Centre. It consists of a weekly meeting with RCMP, Community Safety Patrol, Surrey Crime Prevention, Surrey Bylaw, and other community stakeholders to create weekly targets and initiatives to increase communication, effectiveness, and ultimately decrease crime within Newton.

Community Safety Patrol

The Community Safety Patrol (CSP) program is the BIA’s largest safety initiative. The program is contracted through the Commissionaires, a security force taking on non-core police duties, this allows for local RCMP to take on more critical issues. The CSP program consists of daily 8-hour patrols by two employees. Their daily patrols around the Newton BIA boundary focus on businesses and citizens addressing safety concerns, using visible presence as a crime deterrent, and supporting crime...

Used Needle Disposal Program

Needles and needle debris are a challenging issue for Newton, however Newton is not alone. Strategies to ensure that individuals and communities are as safe and healthy as possible have been undertaken across the globe. Ensuring that people who use needles can access safe disposal, and that stray needles and needle debris in the community are dealt with promptly and safely is one of the goals of the Newton BIA. The Used Needle Disposal Program...

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