Exploring the delights and guilt-free pleasure of healthy gourmet burgers


Looking for a healthier version of inspired and mouthwatering food?


Nafiza Agbal and her Fab Burgers in Newton is definitely on point! She’s a neighbourhood girl who grew up in Newton, was a Princess Margaret grad, married her husband, and two children later, started Fab Burgers six years ago, initially to serve her cultural community, but wants to let people know her flavour-filled menu is for everybody!


When enjoying delicious gourmet burgers, many associate them with indulgence and disregard their health-conscious dietary needs. However, there’s a growing demand for healthier options, especially among the Muslim community, who adhere to Halal dietary guidelines. Fortunately, Fab Burgers has responded to this need, offering an array of delectable and nutritious gourmet burgers that combine taste, quality, and health benefits.


The concept of healthy Halal is for anyone searching for a healthier, additive-free solution to fast food. By focusing on quality ingredients, mindful cooking techniques, innovative toppings, and vegetarian options, these burgers offer a tantalizing experience for individuals seeking a healthier dining option.


Fab Burgers is the first halal “burger joint” in BC. Embracing these gourmet burgers allows us to enjoy the flavours and textures we crave and encourages a more balanced and nutritious approach to our dietary choices.


Nafiza developed every aspect of the unique and delicious menu, carefully crafting these delectable creations using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. She prioritizes quality meats, such as lean beef, lamb, fish, chicken, or even plant based options, ensuring that the primary component of the burger is nutritious and wholesome. This approach enhances the taste and provides a healthier alternative to conventional fast food burgers.


Fab Burger’s signature Monster Burgers are unique and delicious.


Try the Philly cheese steak with thin-sliced steak, sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and mayo. It’s chock full of fixings! Pair it with fries, classic poutine, or a light garden salad, and you’re good for the day!


Although burgers bring people in (after all, the name of the place is Fab Burgers!), many will opt to enjoy the BBQ Lamb Chops, short rib meals, chicken and waffles, or wings.


One thing you’ll notice right away is the in-house made delicious and unique sauces incorporated into many of the burgers. The signature tangy Fab sauce elevates the taste profile without compromising health-conscious choices.


Vegetarians will appreciate that every burger, from spicy chipotle to a mushroom stacker, is available with a black bean patty for no extra cost.


They also offer the popular “Beyond Meat” burger and are developing more vegetarian options that will be launched soon.


“We live and work in Newton and love the diverse community we serve. Although we’re available through Door Dash, Uber and Skip the Dishes, we’d much rather see you pop in and say hello! You’ll get hot-to-the-table burgers and fries, a beautiful presentation and a welcome smile that way too.” Nafiza said.


For late-night noshing, they are open until 2 am on Friday and Saturday and until 12 from Sunday to Thursday. Visit their website at fabburgers.ca and dine in at 7238 137 Street.




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