three unique approaches to building the best version of yourself


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If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that trying to maintain your health is both a struggle and a priority for many of us.


We are trying to lose weight, shed stress, relieve anxiety, overcome bad habits, manage chronic illness, or just get unstuck from unhealthy lifestyles.


Fortunately, in downtown Newton, there are solutions. Apart from local parks to commune with nature, or a fitness centre to get ourselves in good shape, we invite you to explore three unique stores that help us build the mind and body connection.


The Health and Energy Shop (140-13711- 72nd Ave.) offers a unique, time-honoured, traditional Indian natural care and plant-based medicines.


Doshas are a central element of Ayurveda and the basis of what makes it such a personalized approach to health. Three Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – each derived from the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) and represent a unique blend of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics inherent in every individual. By understanding your Dosha and creating a lifestyle accordingly, you’ll enjoy a healthier, more balanced life. An in-store first consultation is $20, and there are several treatments available that can help you take control of your well-being – combined with natural remedies available at the store, a diet plan, yoga and pranayama. 


Therapists Harpreet Kaur, and Kulwant Singh can diagnose what elements of your body are disturbed. They offer integrative nutrition, lifestyle and wellness options to guide you to
achieve the balance to live a long, healthy, joyful and fulfilling life. This program is perfect for you if you wish to discover more profound peace, balance, energy and are ready to make lifestyle changes that will have lasting results.



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The Organic Grocer (508-7380 King George Blvd,) has been the go-to healthy shopping place for Surrey families for nearly 28 years. Kurt Astle and Kristina Cavallari are committed to offering a genuinely holistic viewpoint on your wellness, from environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies to keeping your home a safe and healthy place to live. Most Canadian families are in their home around 15 hours a day. From your outside environment – to your insides, you’ll also find head to toe health solutions in every aisle for health, beauty and wellness.


With exceptional produce, dietary supplements and vitamins, body care products. Organic Grocer has the entire family covered – a large selection of gluten-free, vegetarian, and specialty foods including natural alternatives to sugar. Look for their organic meats and poultry, an excellent selection of frozen foods, and much more. Available bulk foods also allow you to save money while getting the exact quantity you need.


They are now offering online shopping, with local delivery or curbside pickup for your convenience. Visit their website to find weekly specials, and browse their online aisles. There is also online support if you have a specific question. When it comes to staying healthy, no two people are alike. Whether you’re trying to bulk up, lean out, lower cholesterol, boost your immune system, or anything in between, Kristina Cavallari will lead you to the right foods and supplements you need to perform at your best. Book online – it’s a 10-minute consultation that is free of charge.



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Organic Warehouse (210-7093 King George Blvd.) has aisles of fresh certified organic vegetables, staples, fresh organic meat, bulk and frozen items available, as well as a dairy section, all offered with weekly specials and curbside pickup.


But what sets them apart and should make you want to visit is their in-house stoneground flours. You can see the mill (behind glass) right in the store! This method dates back to the ancient Egyptians, which retain all the essential vitamins and nutrients lost with modern techniques. 


Wheat germ contains high levels of vitamin E, and all nutritional levels and digestibility is increased through the process. Flours have a short shelf life, so you’re getting the healthiest choices available here. 


The stoneground method of milling, used for all of their in-house baked bread and pastries using spelt wheat, wholemeal wheat and Kamut wheat, is delicious and wholesome. Kamut flour contains high levels of zinc, which promotes healthy thyroid, and magnesium strengthens bone tissue. The bakery also offers some glutenfree options.


Discover the difference that fresh makes – with your choice of fresh juice and smoothies (with wheatgrass shots as an option) and combinations that support your liver, heart and boost energy. If you’re looking for a juice cleanse, they will formulate a cold-pressed juice regimen to turbo-charge your health.



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