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Sinclair’s Motorsports & Community Board Shop — A Family Affair


Spring is just around the corner, and adventure is waiting for you at Sinclair’s Motorsports and Community Board Shop. The side-by-side businesses operated by Gordon Sinclair and his son, Chadd, can help you get ready to take it on.


These days, everyone’s looking for a safe and healthy opportunity to share time and adventures with the family. Whether it’s embracing the dirt road, a quick trip to the market, communing with the morning air on your way to work, welcoming the world of skateboarding, or introducing the sport/craft of skateboarding to your kids, it’s worth a visit to these two places. In Newton since 2001, Sinclair’s Motorsports has been providing the Lower Mainland with affordable and fun ATV’s and bikes to full-size gas-powered dirt bikes.


Over the past years, though, the electric scooter has taken the locals by storm. Instead of taking costly Uber and Lyft rides, you can experience the freedom of a low-cost commute and little or no insurance needed.With fuel costs expected to be over $1.70 a litre by mid-summer, it makes a lot of sense to take a look at the electric alternatives available in their 5,000 sq. ft showroom. You do not need a motorcycle licence to ride, but you must always wear a helmet.


Photo by Daniel from Pexels

Meet Gordon and wife Tammy at Sinclair’s Motorsports, one block off 72nd and 134th on 71A Avenue, and check out their extensive selection of ATVs, dirt bikes, electric scooters, and E-bikes—in sizes that will fit the entire family.


Over the years, they believe that customer service and support make a difference in their store.


Your individual needs are essential, and Gordon and Tammy pay close attention to each customer’s interests and requirements. Careful COVID-19 protocols, including contact tracing, are in place at both stores.


From the minute you walk into Sinclair’s Motorsports, you can feel confident that Gordon’s 20 years of motorsports experience will help you with your decisions. Keeping your vehicle (whether it’s an ATV, dirt bike, or scooter) in good shape is critical.


“Prices are always going up,” Gordon said. “If you keep your equipment in good condition, you’ll discover that it retains its value for reselling or upgrading in the future.”


There’s a line of products and accessories (DOT-approved helmets, jackets, gloves, and more) to fit almost everyone as well.


Stop by next door and meet Chadd Sinclair, professional Skateboarder, Youtuber, and Community Board Shop owner. Community Board Shop the only skateboard shop in Surrey specifically dedicated to the sport, with skateboards, signature clothing, and safety gear in-store.


Skateboarding is much more than a sport. It’s an art form, a lifestyle, and a culture. And with a global pandemic surrounding us, you’ll discover that skateboarding is a great activity to adopt for you or your kids. You don’t need to share equipment or pass a ball back and forth. You can venture out on your own or skate with a few friends while maintaining social distancing.


There are many unexpected benefits to skateboarding beyond getting out in the fresh air and rolling around. Skateboarding will improve coordination, core strength, stress relief, precision, reflexes, and patience. You’re using similar muscle groups as snowboarding without the expensive lift tickets. When the hills are calling, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find you are probably even a better snowboarder or skier.


Chadd has created an excellent YouTube channel that has over 60 videos that can help you master your nollies, ollie’s and heelflips. 


Photo by Budgeron Bach from Pexels

As an excellent professional skateboarder himself, he’s travelled throughout North America on various skateboarding competitions and loves to share what he knows with beginners or even a curious parent or two.


“I’ve skateboarded my whole life. People don’t realize that skateboarding helps with muscle memory and core exercise. When you learn to do one simple trick, the feeling of accomplishment is very encouraging.“


“I like to have a partner when I skate, who helps encourage me.”


“The skateboard community in Surrey is very supportive. I go to many of Surrey’s skateboard parks frequently and help the boarders learn lots of different tricks.”


Chadd gives back to the community in many ways, sometimes as simple as giving out some merch at the skate park or helping the new riders gain confidence. 


“I film, edit, and produce all of my YouTube videos myself, from here in the store. Hopefully, new boarders can get some great tips here.”


“Getting a new skater on board and helping to motivate them to continue and stick with it is one of my favourite things to do.”


Although Surrey has eight skate parks, Newton doesn’t have a dedicated park yet, and Chadd dreams of the day that local skateboarders have a safe and easy opportunity to hone their sport in a park that’s close to home. When you’re ready for some spring adventure, visit Gordon and Chadd and get ready for some fun!