Age of Aquarifox by Nomadic Alternatives

Community murals are a mode of expression for artists in every graphic style imaginable: abstract, photorealistic, surrealist, expressionist and graffiti, to name just a few. 


Most recently, the murals created in the Newton downtown core have become community centerpieces that bring people together to celebrate the heritage and history of their home.


Three renowned graffiti artists, invited to change the face of Newton with their expressive interpretations, have created six stunning murals.


Art, in any form, is often a mirror of who we are as a community. All three artists have provided a window into the soul of Newton, from its indigenous roots to the acknowledgement of new communities. Walking through the Mural Laneway, you’ll discover two new murals recently added.


The first mural, created in 2017 by artist Danny Fernandez, focused on the past, present and future, with elements such as the iconic interurban train to the annual Vaisakhi festival, held nearby. That mural began a creative long-term vision for Newton Town Centre.


Funded by the BIA and landlord Value Properties, the area is being brought to life.


Danny Fernandez, known as Def3 in the art world, has painted murals internationally.


Unfinished by Danny Fernandez

The stunning Indigenous Wolf, created collaboratively by Corey Bulpit and Danny Fernandez, is a beautiful combination of Haida and realistic design. Bulpit comes from a long line of renowned Haida artists.


Leonardo da Vinci-inspired “Unfinished” graces the back wall of the Greek Corner. It’s a unique and beautiful contribution by Danny Fernandez.


“There’s always been this ongoing battle with graffiti art, so it’s nice to have cities or areas that show respect to that, and they realize it’s an art form,” Fernandez said. “So when people come through here and enjoy, whether they’re taking a picture for Instagram or just themselves, it’s flattering. It’s nice to see that people are enjoying the space.


More Dreams — Age of Aquarifox, with its mystical creatures against a deeply hued blue background, is Nomadic Alternatives’ most recent work.


From Purple Dreamer to More Dreams, the Newton Mural Laneway succeeds in fostering social and urban regeneration and contributes to the ongoing positive growth in the Newton BIA.


For a map of all the current murals, visit




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