Pizza has been a major trend recently and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon. It has truly become an icon for this generation for many good reasons. First and foremost, it’s delicious and can be made with an unlimited combination of toppings. Secondly, it’s budget-friendly and very convenient to eat. For example, Omega Pizza offers fresh, single slices of pizza to-go and it’s perfect for lunch when only a few, hot and fresh slices are necessary to get the job done.



Omega Pizza follows a simple menu that includes pizza, wings, garlic bread, and potato wedges. If you’re going for classic, then there are speciality pizzas that include 3 simple toppings, but for those extra special moments, their signature pizzas includes 5+ toppings for that extra special taste. And if you’re throwing a party or gathering, there are several combos and deals to choose from. From that, you can choose your own pizza toppings and wings. With 16 veggie toppings available and 11 meat toppings, the combination can be endless. And for that extra sprinkle on top (or on the side), Omega Pizza also offers delicious sides for order. Their garlic fingers consist of pizza dough topped with garlic butter, herbs, and cheese, cooked until the cheese is perfectly melted. They also offer classics like, garlic bread, potato wedges, and onion rings. You cannot go wrong with ordering a bit extra.


At the Newton location, Shirin and her parents are the owners. Shirin was attending SFU and eventually after her graduation, she decided to take her try in the family business. She helps out with the marketing and business relations. She recalls that her favourite moments at Omega Pizza is the customer relations and the family dynamic. Because she gets along so well with her family, it was nice being able to work with them and their incredible staff. For Shirin and her parents, their goal is provide the community with delicious gourmet pizzas at an affordable price. They value their customers and are always dedicated to providing the best care for them. Every order is made with thought and attentiveness.



Recently, in 2017, they’ve won an award for best pizza in Surrey. Although there are various other pizza joints in the area, Omega Pizza is known for its triumphant customer service. They ensure everyone leaves satisfied and are constantly building a great relation with the community.


Whether you’re throwing a work party or out for lunch, consider Omega Pizza’s superior customer service and freshly made pizzas. They are open late night (12am Sunday through Thursday, and 1am on Fridays and Saturdays,) so don’t worry if your late-night cravings kick in because Omega Pizza will be available for you to order.