Children’s education is vital for their professional development and can greatly improve their growth. Not all classrooms are the same and the speed at which they learn might become too overwhelming for some students. Sometimes, students just need extra help to greatly improve their learning process, and at Eye Level Learning, they help students strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills.


As described in their mandate, “the name Eye Level stems from a story about a teacher who sought to improve his ability to teach. During a trip to an art museum, the teacher knelt down and looked at every painting, and was wondering how his elementary students would enjoy the paintings they see, so he’s exploring the museum at their eye level.” Eye Level Learning understands the student/child’s perspective and thus can better reinforce their education.



Eye Level Learning offers math and english programs. Eye Level Math is created to improve the development of mathematical thinking that enables students to master repetition and critical thinking. Eye Level Math uses a systematic curriculum, which is divided into various levels based on student abilities. Proactive feedback is vital for a student’s success. Eye Level Math uses an interactive teaching methodology to ensure students are understanding their mistakes and see other possible solutions. Eye Level English helps students master the english language while enhancing the 4 fundamental skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This program takes students from reading and writing skills to more complex concepts that enhance the language arts critical thinking and written communication. Students will develop their reading skills and writing skills in various genres and apple the process of essay composition.


The centre director, Kingston Shiu, loves spending time at the Eye Level of Surrey Learning Centre. About 2 years ago, he was at another learning centre, and after discovering Eye Level Learning, he switched over. He closely embodied Eye Level Learning’s philosophy and found out that it was closely aligned with his own philosophy as an educator and father. Kingston’s favourite part about being the centre director is seeing the growth of his students. He notices that students eventually learn to study beyond their grade level, and thus see a surge in their own confidence.


Eye Level Learning believes that every student holds the key to their own success. Sometimes, it just takes supplemental learning to develop good lifelong study habits. Every student is able to develop their own core educational skills that will greatly impact their future and Eye Level Learning will ensure their students reach that goal.