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Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen promotes healthy living through the creation of clean, fresh ready to eat meals, customized meal plans, catering, and healthy snack bars. Its roots began through Jon’s personal journey of overcoming tough obstacles to create a healthier and happier life for himself. Jon’s goal is sharing his knowledge and helping others achieve a healthy balance in their life through nutrition.


It was 2011 and Jon found himself out of a marriage, living alone, with a large weight gain, and in a state of unhappiness. It was a very tough period for him. However, fortunately, he was able to acknowledge what was happening and saw that he could either continue in this direction of unhappiness or make a change for the better. Jon chose the latter. He looked deep into himself and wanted to change physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He began to eat healthier, exercise, and pursue interests he had.


Jon began to see a lot of change in himself after making that decision, he had lost some weight and could see himself moving towards a more positive direction. He decided to go back to his passion of cooking and began working at the Phoenix House as a sous chef. Here he began cooking healthy meals for the residents, realizing even more the importance of nutrition in all aspects and situations in life. Jon was seeing improvement in himself but was not completely satisfied with the results he was seeing. He decided to do more research into nutrition, eating healthy, and exercise to see better results. He began to speak to the right people and attended health shows where he met with many nutritional professionals. At a health show he was introduced to a course on nutrition offered at Langara. The course would further his knowledge of nutrition benefiting his personal life and career as a chef. Jon decided to take the opportunity and enrolled in to the program where he found himself enjoying it immensely.


newtrition kitchen

Jon saw a greater change within himself through his new learning experiences and opportunities. More weight was coming off and he was feeling great. While things kept moving up for Jon, he suddenly found his physical, emotional, and spiritual self come together. “Fruition through Nutrition” Jon calls it, not only a slogan for his business but a story of his personal journey. Everything seemed to be coming together for him and the drive and motivation to create his business grew stronger.


Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen, how did it begin? While visiting his family back in Saskatchewan, Jon’s sister asked him to replicate a bar she had at a local café. Jon did so which also led him to try out new variations, after a year of mixing up recipes Jon created the “All Day Energy Bar”. Along with the creation of this healthy snack, Jon also began to have a tough time keeping up with making his own meals as he was busy in school and work. This is where the idea to create healthy and fresh ready to eat meals came to mind. He shared this idea and many told him it was not a good idea with many difficulties, but Jon had the determination to make it happen. With lots of planning and support from his local Steve Nash Gym in South Surrey, Jon was on the road to creating his business. He attended Body Building competitions where he had booths and was seeing a great interest. Jon knew with his knowledge from school, advice from professionals, and his personal understanding and knowledge, he was ready to go ahead and begin his business. He began looking for a commercial kitchen space to get started, and finally met Philip Aguirre at the Old Surrey Restaurant/Bistro 72 who had an open kitchen for rent, and he took it. Officially opening Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen in November 2014.


jons kitchen

Healthy clean eating while tasting good is the premise of Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen. His meals are Chef inspired, with his 20+ years experience as a Red Seal Chef. His meals are custom built for anyone, customizing macro (protein, carb, fat, fibre) counts to suit all needs. Jon also offers delivery service in his refrigerated van, always ensuring fresh meals. His ready-to-eat meals prove that you can eat healthy food that is delicious while making it quick and easy for your busy days.


Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen has grown greatly within the past year and he hopes to continue expanding his business in the future, potentially becoming province-wide. He also hopes that with great growth he will be able to have free time to share his story and reach more people to help and support. Jon’s business is a great positive addition to Newton, and he hopes that the City can see the potential of the area and work towards bettering it. As of now, Jon sees Newton as a handy place to be, a great hub of businesses, and a very accessible central location; with hopes to continue growing his business here, and “changing how people feel, one meal at a time.”