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Oh So Sweet Sugar Boutique is a chic bakery located in the heart of Newton, the bakery boasts designer cupcakes, decadent cookies, and intricately designed cakes. The bakery was a passion project for Mandeep and Sandy, two sisters whom opened up shop six years ago. Mandeep and Sandy both developed a love for baking as they grew up spending countless hours at home baking all types of cakes and goods. As their interest grew they began exploring more and more with different flavors and types of cakes eventually working into creating various designs and decorations. The cakes you see created by the shop today showcase those years of hard work at home perfecting any design presented to them.


oh so sweet

What began as a fun hobby for Mandeep and Sandy quickly turned into a passion project leading into a business idea which has now translated into their beautiful boutique. When Mandeep and Sandy thought up the idea to open their own baking business they knew they wanted it to be unique and different. For them customization was a key point to market, they had spent so much time perfecting their craft and wanted to share this as their focal point. They also saw the lack of bakeries willing to design cakes as detailed as theirs, Mandeep and Sandy have created cakes to look like beautiful Chanel bags for the girlie girl to minions for kids. Fitting in their personality to the concept was important to them as well, designer goods were always a guilty pleasure for both of them so they decided to name their cupcakes after a few of their favorite designers, “Christian Redboutin” a red velvet cupcake to “Louis Vuicotton” a cotton candy cupcake. The look of the shop itself was also very important to them both, they wanted to create something fashionable, pretty, and chic that matched the baked goods they offered, with its beautiful pink décor, patterned wallpaper, and beautiful chandeliers, Oh So Sweet is definitely a gem within the Newton Town Centre.


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Creating beautiful baked goods that are accessible to all is important to Mandeep and Sandy. They wanted to pull people away from the classic grocery store cakes and show them a whole new world of baking that is affordable and unique. Working around any budget is important to Oh So Sweet, no matter what your budget is they will make sure to create something special for you. Mandeep and Sandy want to show that cakes do not have to be extremely pricey, they simply want to share their passion with as many people as they can. They want to change the views of baking and allow for everyone to have a “designer” cupcake for a price lower than their competitors. A shop like theirs is not common for Newton, it is the first of its kind in the area. Along with the custom orders and daily baked goods the bakery offers, they also specialize with wedding cakes and dessert table set ups for any event. They offer all sorts of options for their goods from eggless, gluten free, and sugar free.


oh so sweet

Oh So Sweet hopes to expand their shop in the near future, they would like to incorporate an espresso bar and more seating creating a café style feel. They also hope to offer fun classes for kids to explore the world of baking, and hope to host birthday parties at their shop for all ages. Mandeep and Sandy both have grown up in Surrey and live in Newton, so bringing a shop like this to the area meant a lot to them. They have seen a great amount of success since they have opened and hope to continue growing.