Reap the benefits of supporting small business in Newton


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Small businesses have long been the heart and soul of downtown Newton. There is something to be said about being on a first-name basis with a local restaurateur or another small business owner, as such familiarity often translates into exemplary service.


As you drive or stroll through the community, you’ll notice almost 100% of the businesses are small and locally owned. Newton’s established shops and restaurants are often second and third-generation (such as Carillon Music, Greco’s Specialty Foods, Pine Lighting, the Old Surrey Restaurant, and Sinclair-Motorsports).


Others have brought their culture and experience to the fore. We’ve become accustomed to the rich flavours, fusion choices, and family needs from eyewear to dentistry and even alternative healing techniques brought lovingly from South Asia, the Middle East and many other countries.


It’s been a challenging 18 months for all of us, and in every case, our local businesses have faced the same challenges and risen to them with innovative and helpful solutions. We’ve been happy to get to know the neighbourhood a little better, from experiencing a more online experience to offering outdoor dining.



September’s numbers for Newton BIA groups — Team Tidy, Community Safety, Graffiti Removal and Large Garbage are in, and it’s proof positive the Newton BIA and its teams are at the forefront of positive change.

  • Team Tidy removed 580lbs of trash
  • Community Safety Patrol resolved 375 nuisance complaints
  • Goodbye Garbage disposed of 87 pieces of illegally dumped large garbage


Photo by Cup of Couple from Pexels

We all look forward to a more relaxed and family-oriented holiday season and want to help our favourite small businesses use these next few months and beyond to set the course for success for 2022. All of us must make a concerted effort to fuel this vital cog in our local economic engines.


  • Shop local — the concept is simple but effective. Opting to shop in local stores over more giant conglomerates and franchises can help small businesses take root. Before making holiday shopping lists, visit local stores and base gift ideas on items they have in stock. Chances are, those gifts will be one-of-a-kind.
  • Cater holiday meals and gatherings. The holiday season is chockfull of entertainment opportunities. Individuals can rely on nearby restaurants and other food and beverage companies to cater holiday parties. Some businesses also may be willing to discount or donate food for non-profit group activities, such as holiday bazaars, school holiday concerts or fundraising fairs.
  • Mention small businesses on social media. The holiday season breeds excitement. Therefore, when shoppers are in local stores, they can snap pictures of products and overflowing shopping bags and post them online while praising local businesses. We invite you to visit and follow our Newton BIA online on Instagram and Facebook. We highlight some of the newest businesses there to keep you up on the latest news and offers!
  • Think about subscription gifts, such as enrollment in a health club or a massage therapy service. These gifts keep on giving for the recipient and help ensure consistent incoming cash for the business providing the service.




The Newton News provides an opportunity for the Newton BIA to gain awareness in the community and promote local news, & BIA programs. This endeavor allows BIA members to advertise their businesses in the monthly publication. Pick up your copy of the Surrey Now-Leader today!


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