Harry Lamba and The UPS Store in Newton deliver s more than packages. He delivers trust and neighbourhood spirit!


Harry Lamba is a trusted and familiar face with Newton businesses and families, and in his words, a part of its vibrant society.


“I immigrated from India in 2001. As a new immigrant, adjusting to the new environment took a while. However, my background and my positive outlook helped. I am a veteran of the Indian Army, and like all good soldiers, I don’t quit easily.


I worked in sales initially but decided that a better option for me was to operate my own business. I had a choice of various businesses and locations but finally settled on becoming a franchisee of The UPS Store in the middle of the busy Newton hub. From the start, it was a business I loved—interacting with people of different cultures, ages and backgrounds.


It was like I was living in a wonderful kaleidoscope; each day was memorable, and there was no way anyone could get bored.


The UPS Store is Canada’s largest franchised chain of business centres. I chose to own and operate a The UPS Store because we offer many services.


Although it becomes challenging some days, it’s challenging in a good way. Many people do not think of The UPS Store as doing anything other than
shipping. In addition to shipping via UPS, DHL and Loomis, we have mailbox services, professional printing services, key cutting, laminating, binding, faxing, shredding, and so on.We are your one-stop shop for all your small or large business needs in your neighbourhood.


We have fast turnaround time for those last-minute, rush jobs that slipped your mind.


The convenient service of emailing your documents, we print, and you pick them up; it’s that easy. This business allows you to grow in many areas of your work experience. I did not come from a print or design background, so I learned printing on the job. I have built up my print business, and I can design and print for your business cards, booklets, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, posters, signage, invoice books, presentation folders, books, labels, referral or doctor’s pads, envelopes, newsletters, greeting cards, cheques, calendars or any marketing material. No print job is too small or too big. If there is anything you need printed – we can do it! Most of our jobs are done in-house so you can imagine how busy we can get, as we have a short turnaround time.


Since I first opened in 2006, I have seen many beautiful changes happen in the neighbourhood. Newton has become a vibrant society, busy and full of laughter. I have had many young mothers come to The UPS Store, and today their teenage kids frequent our business for their needs. I have seen children grow up, and it is heartening to see the blooming population bringing more diversity to the area. I have been printing calendars for one of my customers for ten years, even though she moved to 100 Mile House. I have watched her family grow through these personalized calendars. For her, it has become a yearly tradition to give her customized and personalized calendars as Christmas gifts.


You become part of a community and part of customers’ lives when you own a The UPS Store. I know many customers by name, and we have formed relationships over the years.


My staff also have learned the importance of making everyone feel welcome by greeting our customers by name. Think about how nice it is when you walk into a business, and they know you immediately and what your needs are before even saying a word.


You’re not just a number at The UPS Store, but part of our community.


A very delightful experience happened to me last year. A customer wanted me to print a book about her family history. She did a lot of the hard work gathering all old pictures, newspaper cuttings, and typing most of the book’s material. I set it up, edited it and printed it. While editing and reading it, I relived over 100 years of her family history which made for better reading than any best-seller.


Initially, I started on my own, and today I have two full-time employees helping me operate The UPS Store. Over the years, I have had many staff members. I can say with a degree of pride that most of the members I have hired were new immigrants – many not a week old in their newly adopted country. I always like to give an opportunity to hardworking youngsters. They have always proved their worth and moved on to other professions with some help from the local The UPS Store.


They always keep in touch with me, making me feel that maybe I am doing something right.


I have been a Director at the Newton BIA since its inception, and this has helped me understand the community and businesses. I do what I can to make this small portion of Surrey a better place to live, shop and entertain. The BIA Team has positively impacted the businesses and people in the area and I’ve been happy to be involved in various successful programs and events.


We look forward to serving you at The UPS Store. Stop by today and see what we can do for you!




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