August event revolutionizes urban mobility and shopping experience (and a fun scavenger hunt!)


August is just around the corner, and it’s time to get out your bike and embrace HUB Cycling’s month-long event — Bike to Shop.


Lisa Storey is the event manager for Hub Cycling. This charitable non-profit organization has spent over 20 years removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver while cultivating the active transportation’s health, environmental, and economic benefits.


“Bike to Shop is a grassroots movement initiated by Hub Cycling to foster sustainable urban mobility and strengthen local economies. At its core, the initiative urges people to ditch their cars and opt for bicycles when heading out to shop at nearby businesses. The focus is on supporting local retailers, restaurants, and services while reducing transportation’s environmental impact.” she said.


Whether you’re a seasoned bike commuter or new to cycling, we’re here to make shopping by bike easy and fun! Newton is one of the participating neighbourhoods.


We know our busy neighbourhood grapples with issues like traffic congestion, pollution and the need for sustainable solutions. Bike to Shop’s potential for growth and impact becomes increasingly apparent.


“We want to encourage people to use their bikes and feel comfortable shopping by bike. They may have only considered riding for pleasure in parks and neighbourhood streets. Perhaps they are concerned about where to park securely, or how to carry items home,” she said.


“Shopping by bike is simple!” she said, “Bike to Shop shows how easy, fun, and convenient it is to bike to shop. During the event, bike around Newton to win prizes, and we’ll share tips and tricks on how to carry your groceries home by bike, where to find secure bike parking, and how to find safe bike routes to shopping destinations.”


Go online and get involved with the Photo Scavenger Hunt. Take a photo of you and your bike in some of the route’s Secret Spots on the Map. Prizes will be awarded every week. You are also encouraged to join Hub Cycling. Its primary purpose is to get more people cycling – more often. As an advocacy group, they work with schools and workplaces to teach skills and responsibilities of safe cycling and municipal and provincial governments to improve infrastructure. Throughout the year, they have free community events that inspire and motivate.


The association is a member-led in various communities. Local committees are very passionate volunteers, meeting once a month. They work ‘feet on the ground’ to know what’s going on in their neighbourhood, and bring issues that can be brought to the head office, which communicates issues to the decision-makers locally and provincially.


Anyone can sign up for only $10. There’s also a sense of community when you ride your bike. You can converse with fellow riders and enjoy exploring your surroundings more intimately. You can take alternative routes, discover hidden gems, and connect with your community in a way impossible when driving in a car.



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