The Fourth Annual State of Newton, presented by the Newton BIA and the Surrey Board of Trade in late September, is back after a two year hiatus.


The last two years have seen a lot of changes in Newton. The community faced a global pandemic, supply chain problems, lockdowns that had many leaving their offices to work in an online environment, social distancing and, in some cases, unfortunate closures.


However, the area experienced many positive changes and a return to events and face-to-face life.


It’s vital for every local businessperson, whether in retail, commercial, or business-to-business, to have an opportunity to learn about what the future holds for its area to budget, plan and forecast with clarity. Being a member of the BIA affords that connection with other local business owners, promoting their members, bringing customers, stimulating the economy, and supporting the community.


The social well-being of any BIA is essential, as it shapes and forms the health of the business climate in many ways. The Newton BIA currently offers programs that deal specifically with homelessness, graffiti, crime prevention, cleanliness, safety, transportation,  accessibility, density, green spaces, community events and other issues.


The State of Newton is an opportunity for the business community to engage in a dialogue that showcases the upcoming investment opportunities for Newton.


The presentation outlines the Newton BIA’s proposals and policy directions for 2022-2023, as well as a detail of the achievements of the last few years.


The State of Newton event will also have:

› Tradeshow

› Live Music

› Business Card Draw

› Favour Bags


Newton is the most populous district in the City of Surrey, and it doesn’t come without its challenges, which existed in 2019, and in many ways, are still, by varying degrees.


Newton BIA Executive Director Philip Aguirre said the community needs to “hammer down” to the three levels of government, “especially” at the municipal level, that “Newton matters,” an ongoing focus of the BIA.


“I think coming together is the point of State of Newton. I think there’s always more that we can do,” said Aguirre, adding that he’s “always optimistic” for the community of Newton.






The Newton News provides an opportunity for the Newton BIA to gain awareness in the community and promote local news, & BIA programs. This endeavor allows BIA members to advertise their businesses in the monthly publication. Pick up your copy of the Surrey Now-Leader today!


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