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Espresso Cafe is brewing again in Newton!

Good Coffee, Good Snacks and Good Chats


Photo by Viktoria Alipatova from Pexels

Newton’s favourite coffee shop is back!


A coffee shop is not only a gathering place for friends and couples to grab a quick drink, but everyone in the community also knows it as a place where people can socialize, work or relax and take a break from the stressful hours of the day. In the past, couples and groups would gather at Espresso Cafe to enjoy a coffee and conversation. It was a community hub where people gathered to discuss ideas, create, laugh and enjoy a good brew.


New owners Pali and Pammi Gill have restored the vibe of coffee culture in Newton with a completely renovated and restored Espresso Cafe. They are welcoming you back to enjoy a cup, delicious freshly made panini or sweet, and share a smile. It might have been unusual timing to buy a coffee shop just before Covid hit. And the Kaur Gill’s might have been encouraged by people not to do it.  But a dream is a dream. Over the years, Pali was a regular patron.


When the opportunity to buy the store came up, Pammi had some great ideas on how she thought the Espresso Cafe could reopen to serve the Newton Community better that they are growing to love. And Pali, her husband said, “I’ve learned that when Pammi has a good idea, I may not agree at first, but I generally learn, she’s right,” he said with a smile.


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

They’ve received many compliments from people about the new look. “They tell me it’s got a Vancouver coffee shop vibe,” Pali said. The bright white wainscoting and black and grey decor is fresh and modern. 


They are still offering the much-loved brew that the returning regulars loved, who appreciated the select organic Arabia fair trade beans, South American shade-grown from small coffee producers. The small-batch coffee provides a fruity, rich coffee that is smooth and enjoyable, whether you’re a cream or no cream kind of drinker. A close second favourite is their Chai Tea Latte, which sets them apart from other places that offer chai tea. It’s got Pammi’s special touch which Pali promises, that once you’ve tried it, you’ll be back for more. It may even change you from a coffee drinker to a chai lover.


There’s a personal touch that runs through the entire menu.


“If you like frappes, and you want an extra caffeine kick, you have to try our “Wendy’s Frappe!” Pali said. 


Wendy Scott was a former patron who was the inspiration the delicious frappe, tweaked by a few suggestions, which became a real favourite. Even in the cold days of spring, we’re selling quite a few “Wendy’s Frappes.” he added.


The coffee shop also offers baked goods and in-house freshly made paninis. Some of the offerings are gluten-free, and there are lactose intolerant options available for their drinks. Pali is on the hunt for even more gluten-free options. Their panini list is very extensive, with many vegetarian choices available.


“We’re loving getting to know our customers. It’s important to us to know what they like, and when they come in, if we can remember their order from last time. “People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Pali said.


Like most Newton businesses, Espresso Cafe is looking forward to the day when groups of friends can meet safely. 


“We miss the groups of people who made our place their own but recognize the importance of following Dr. Henry’s mandate.We follow to the letter all of the current Covid-19 regulations for businesses.”


Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

It’s essential to keep in touch, so Pali is updating their Facebook and Instagram page every day with Espresso Cafe’s “Positive Thoughts” which has an inspirational message every day in the shop and is posted online. Any other news is there as well. It’s a place to welcome friends to like the social media pages as well.


Next month they are having a contest to win a curated $150 gift basket stocked with ingredients available at Espresso Cafe. Come in, purchase something off the menu, and enter.


Coffee Shops are more than what comes in a cup. They are a place to connect, a space to unwind and relax, or even a place to get things done, meet for a short face-to-face business meeting in a casual atmosphere, or make a new friend.


Two new friends are waiting for you at the Espresso Cafe. Come and say hello to Pali and Pammi and enjoy a cup.