“What should we eat, where should we go?” often comes up amongst friends. Everyone’s hungry and wants to grab some food or dine out, but the biggest struggle is, what’s a compromise that will satisfy everyone, and most importantly yourself? During those instances, I know that I’d want to try something new, and Shawarma Palace offers a special taste of the middle east that Newton has yet to experience.


Shawarma Palace is great option since it offers a wide range of meats and vegetables. It houses Arabic cuisine with a lot of interesting menu items to choose from at this restaurant. They offer a variety of options that range from marinated chicken to veggie-friendly falafels. For their meats, they offer grilled chicken, sirloin beef, and roast lamb. The twist is that the meats are actually grilled for several hours on a slow, rotating, vertical rotisserie for maximum flavour. Then, the meats are sliced off when being served. If meat’s not your thing, then consider their homemade falafels. Made from ground chickpeas and fava beans, they’re scooped and deep-fried right when you order them, and served right away for a delicious and toasty taste.



Once the protein is selected, the toppings are next. Stuffed and wrapped in a pita, pickled and regular veggie toppings are then selected. At Shawarma Palace, they offer pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, lettuce, onions, and more. Then, the protein is placed, and the entire ensemble is drizzled with either a tahini sauce or spicy garlic sauce. Finally, the wrap is then toasted to give it that extra crunch and warmth.


For owner Massud, the restaurant business has always been his passion. Originated from Ottawa, he moved to the west coast with his family. There is a big Muslim community in Ottawa, and so there were a lot of shawarma restaurants as well. However, the shift from the east to west has left Massud dissatisfied with the lack of Halal foods and restaurants in the lower mainland. And so, his brother came up with ‘Shawarma Palace’ in hopes of bringing the Muslim tradition and taste to the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in all parts of the lower mainland, including Newton. While Massud’s brother is the owner of the Richmond location, Massud is in charge of the Newton restaurant.  


Massud and his staff are extremely welcoming and they boast their exceptional customer service. Any guest at Shawarma Palace will experience great satisfaction. So, rest assured, because figuring out where to go for food won’t be hard when Shawarma Palace serves a large variety of options. Pop by Newton and let the aroma of the middle-east evoke your senses.