organic grocerThe Organic Grocer began at the historical Surrey Public Market 22 years ago. The Surrey Public Market opened up in 1990 at 64th Ave and King George Hwy (now BLVD), co-owners Deb and Garth chose this location to open the Organic Grocer in 1993 to provide organic food and herbal medicine to the people of Surrey. Deb and Garth both have a long history working within the organics sector and have served on many boards and committees working towards organic food standards over the years. Garth serves on the board of directors at the Canadian Health Food Association where he has been involved in the development of Standards in Canada for Organic and NHP products. Deb has been involved in the organic sector since 1979, she met Garth through their work within the same field before opening the store at the market. Deb has also been involved in many organizations working towards development in organic and NHP product regulations. Both Deb and Garth also are involved in many conservation efforts on Mayne Island and throughout the Lower Mainland. Deb and Garth have not only led the path to more eco-friendly organic food and products in Surrey but in the Lower Mainland as well. When the Surrey Public Market closed 17 years ago, Deb and Garth remained dedicated to Newton and Surrey moving into the Newton Town Centre where they have been ever since!


organic grocerThe Organic Grocer specializes in organic and natural health products with a focus on environmental and ecological consciousness. It’s your one stop shop for everything a supermarket has to offer but from a health conscious point of view providing everything from grocery, supplements, body and personal care, beverages, household products, and more. Organic Grocer’s educated staff has been a large part of their success, with 11 team members including a Master Herbalist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Digestive Health Expert, and a Chiropractic Doctor, you can always find someone to guide you to what you are looking for. Along with their very knowledgeable employees, Organic Grocer also provides free clinics for their customers such as Naturopathic consultations, and Health Monitoring consultations with medical professionals. Dates for this can be found on their website!

organic grocer

With a longstanding history and presence within Newton and Surrey, Organic Grocer has made impacting strides within the community supporting the Surrey Food Bank, Surrey Women’s Centre, Sources BC, Burns Bog Conservation Society, and many other organizations. As a long standing business within Newton, Organic Grocer has been a landmark resident within the community here and throughout the Lower Mainland. The store has created personal connections with the community and its customers by creating lasting relationships leaving a family feel within the store. This inclusive feeling the store provides since their days at the Surrey Public Market has kept customers coming to Newton for 22 years. Families who shopped with them at the market continue to visit the store today through lasting generations. The Organic Grocer has experienced a lasting success in Newton and would like to continue to grow here within the community, when asked about their future vision here in Newton the response was, “we are here to stay!”


This month Organic Grocer will be celebrating their 22nd Anniversary with events and sales throughout the entire month. Stop by October 17th to see Elvis perform in store and enjoy some gluten free cake! And lookout for many other clinics, giveaways, and sales throughout the month.