Vendor Application & Information


We are organizing a fun community event at Newton’s Mural Laneway where local entrepreneurs, food vendors, designers, performers and placemakers can showcase their talent, products, services and creativity to a large audience. Mural Laneway (close to King George & 72 Ave) is the perfect location with its intimate scale and beautiful murals. The event has a local market, food and drinks, patios, beer garden, music, activities and more. The event is from 4pm-midnight on Saturday July 27, 2019. The market is between 4-8pm. We expect a young audience (15-30 years) from Newton, Surrey and beyond.


  • Saturday, July 27, 2019
  • Vendor Setup: 2-4PM
  • Event Timeline: 4-midnight
    • Vendors Open: 4-8PM
    • Restaurants Open: 4-10PM
  • Cleanup: Midnight-2AM

We need you!

We are looking for 10-15 teams who can set up and operate their own pop-up booths from which they exhibit and sell their creative and unique goods and services.

Who is eligible?

Small, independent and local entrepreneurs, and those with the ambition to start a business in the near future. You sell something unique that is made, designed, or connected to Newton or Surrey. You can apply by yourself or as a team.

Selection Criteria

Show us your creative and entrepreneurial side, and help activate the Mural Laneway by turning it into a vibrant, exciting space.

Please consider the following criteria when making your submission. We’re looking for ideas / concepts that:

  • Offer a unique local product or service for an affordable price
  • Instill pride in Newton’s residents by celebrating its people, cultural diversity, heritage and identity
  • Use pop-up booths in a colourful, creative and innovative way

How to apply

Fill in the application below to describe your idea and how it relates to the selection criteria. Submissions close Monday, May 27th @ 5pm PDT.

The selection jury will have interviews with shortlisted applicants. Applications may be scored and winners may be confirmed before the deadline date.

Successful Submissions

Successful teams get a spot on our market for FREE and could receive up to $300 per team to help fund their idea. Your team will have the opportunity to sell your designs, goods, crafts, etc. at the event date.

The successful teams will also be advertised and promoted through various social media channels in the weeks before the event.