Since 1992, 4 Seasons has served as Newton’s pawnbroker of choice. Regarded as Newton’s very own “Pawn Stars”, the team at 4 Seasons has built a reputation in the pawn industry with years of experience at their store. Over their long tenure in the area, the team at 4 Seasons has done business with thousands of customers in the area and around the province, which has contributed to their staff’s vast knowledge in the industry.


The Newton BIA team met Giovanni Tripponi, the current owner of the 4 Seasons Pawn Shop. Giovanni or “Johnny”, for short, has been in the pawning business for the past nine years working alongside his father who bought the business in 2004, but handed the reigns to Johnny himself in 2009.


For those unfamiliar with how pawning works, the process is actually quite straightforward. Johnny explains pawning as a type of short term, non-interest loan that does not require a credit check. It is a loan that is not based on your credit score or employment history, and is easily accessible by leaving something of value.  Anything of value is available to be pawned: gold, automobiles, electronics and even jewelry. The first step involves an evaluation of the item to determine its value. After reaching an agreed upon value, the shop then loans you the corresponding cash, while holding the item for a set amount of time. At the end of the term, the pawner is able to repay the loan, renew the loan, or they can forfeit the item. The entire process is centered around catering to the customers needs and requirements.


Who needs a pawnbroker?

Pawning items is a great way to get a loan. Money is a big issue in a lot of people’s lives, and pawning your items is an easy and effective way to help yourself make it to pay day. Pawning gives you a helping hand with your financial needs without the hassle of having to deal with paperwork at a bank.


Johnny explains that one of unique things of being in the pawning business is being able to see the large variety of items that customers bring in. To be successful in the industry, it is important to have knowledge on a wide array of interests from different musical instruments, tools, to jewelry. “You see it all”, Johnny explains. One of the most interesting pieces that has been brought into the 4 Seasons is a piece of autographed memorabilia brought in by the astronauts from the first moon landing. This memorabilia, along with many other autographed pieces from celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan are some of the prized items that have come through the shop.


Pawning is an interesting business because it is based on the items that are brought in by the customers. There are no limits to what gets taken in, it is purely based on how things are displayed within the store. At 4 Seasons Pawn Shop, they try to keep it as flexible and take on as many clients as possible. All of which contribute to why 4 Seasons Pawn Shop has been so successful during their tenure in the Newton community.