It was a beautiful sunny day in Newton. Twenty-five die hard volunteers showed up to support the Newton BIA at the annual Heart & Stroke Big Bike ride. As always, Amy Reid from the Surrey Now-Leader Newspaper did an excellent article on the event.


We were able to raise just over $1500. This fell short of the Surrey Fire Fighters who raised a whopping $5000. However, our team had enthusiasm. It was a eclectic group consisting of RCMP, Transit, Options, Property Managers, Local Businesses, Studio 73, Commissionaires, Reporters, Pastors, Residents and restaurant employees. My brother might have even been convinced that he should peddle for a worthy cause.



We started the ride passing the new LRT Demo vehicle outside of Superstore. Follow the link to see the upcoming schedule.


It was all smooth sailing until the slight uphill on 138th street. You may ask what uphill but when you are peddling a bike the size of a semi trailer and you have a few vacant seats you start to sweat. We eventually rounded the corner onto 72 Ave waving to the confused looking commuters at the bus loop. The home stretch on 137th Street provided the motivation we needed as the local business came out on the street to show their support.


Heart and stroke has touched everyone’s family at the BIA, from uncles to parents and grandparents. “So, we ride — raising awareness, spreading smiles and hopefully, making a difference.” Amy Reid – Surrey NowLeader


For more information, and to donate, visit