This month at Newton Talks the manager of Economic Development, Stephan Wu presented on the City of Surrey’s plan for how they are building the next metropolitan centre. Firstly, take a look at last year’s State of the City upbeat video showcasing the City of Surrey.


A quick glance through the website and you can see highlights of why so many people are excited about the future outlook of the city.

City of Surrey Economic Overview

  • 2nd lowest business tax rate
  • 2nd highest population; poised to become highest by 2041
  • 1/3 population 19 years of age or less
  • 100+ languages
  • 2000+ new businesses each year


The transformation into a metropolitan centre will unlock new opportunities for local residents and businesses. From new, well-paying jobs to the ability for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams in Surrey, the City will stimulate growth through strategic infrastructure investments and deployment of innovative new programs.


4 Strategic Priorities

  1. Attract Investment
  2. Grow Innovation Economy
  3. Build Distinct & Competitive Business Communities
  4. Create Jobs and develop work force


In Newton, we are always talking about revitalization. How can we attract investment to be the catalyst to transform the area into a vibrant mix use community? Where the people have good paying jobs that support their families and they live in an area that they feel safe and are proud of. Change takes time! Vision statements, corporate reports, 20 year plans, and the endless production of videos and meetings do not resonate with regular people. I can only hope that I am able to connect with them one at a time to discuss their concerns and reassure the public that the future of their neighborhood is bright. The Newton BIA is focused on ensuring the government does it the right way. That we build a strong, properous and resilient community.







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