by  Gord Goble – Surrey Now

posted Jun 22, 2016 at 10:00 PM

The Newton Business Improvement Association’s inaugural Troubadour Saturdays, an afternoon event featuring local musicians, sidewalk tents, a giant chessboard, and a dream of “Summering in Newton on 137th Street,” didn’t quite pack in the peeps like it should have. Walk down the street mid-afternoon a few Saturdays ago, on the event’s launch day of June 4, and you could count the number of attendees without using your toes.

So why is there a sense that in a couple months time, when Troubadour Saturdays is in the midst of its three-month run, these very same sidewalks will see a heckuva lot more humanity? Because the Newton BIA, and its leader, are nothing if not tenacious…

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