Eyecare is something that many may overlook. Problems usually develop and arise as we get older. However, some people will have 20/20 vision for their entire lives. No matter the case, it’s always beneficial to have yearly eye exams to ensure that the optometrists catch problems (if anything) early on. At Newton Optometry Clinic, a personalized approach is applied to every patient. Since 1997, Newton Optometry Clinic has grown into a thriving eyecare services provider for the Newton community.


After years of service in Newton, Newton Optometry Clinic moved to a newly renovated and upgraded office space. Located on 137th street and next to the Fraser Health building, this new, contemporary building features an additional doctor’s office that allocates for a total of 3 eyecare doctors. They also have a laboratory where they make their own lens in house and a contact lens fitting room. The waiting and reception area are also expanded for a more spacious and comfortable experience for patients.



Since opening the practice in 1997, Dr. Susy Pierazzo experiences a ‘generational relationship’ with her patients. She has seen parents bringing their children, and then their parents bringing in their parents. When she started her practice, she has seen some kids grow up and now, about 30 years later, she now sees them bringing in their kids. It’s one of the most rewarding success and experience at Newton Optometry Clinic.


Dr. Pierazzo recalls when she was 9 years-old that she started needing classes. She didn’t even know her vision was problematic until she couldn’t see the board at school anymore. Hindered by her eyesight, she back and forth with her optometrist very often. Later, she discovered that she needed glasses at a much earlier age, but her parents had perfect vision so they just assumed that their child would too. Her history with glasses really got her thinking about eye healthcare, and that eventually led her to pursue optometry in Toronto.


If you have eye health concerns or if you just want your eyes checked out, head down to Newton Optometry Clinic for an eye examination. The staff at Newton Optometry Clinic are dedicated to find the precise measurements to customize your eyewear whether it be stylish glasses or convenient contact lens. They have a wide range of basic to brand name glasses for every patient and budget. As a family optometry clinic, they’ll spend time to get to know you and all your visual needs.