Renowned for their authentic Indian food and sweets, Bhaia Sweets and Restaurant brings the tastes of India to the city of Surrey. As one of Surrey’s most popular Indian restaurants, Bhaia Sweets and Restaurant prides itself in producing fresh and homemade foods and sweets for its customers. With a vast menu consisting of traditional Indian foods such as chicken tikka, lamb curry, butter chicken, fish pakora and chat papri, it is without doubt that your tastebuds will be going wild. In addition to their food menu, they also offer a variety of freshly made sweets that definitely appeal to your sweet tooth and leave you craving more.


Without question, operating as a family owned restaurant is a great risk for businesses, especially when they are in direct competition with large scale chain restaurants. However, this is something that Bhaia Sweets and Restaurant used to their advantage. They are able to provide an experience for their customers that can not be matched by other large scale chain restaurants. Comprised of staff that bring over 12 years of experience to the restaurant, they offer an experience that will have you eager to come back. Bhaia Sweets and Restaurant prides itself in creating an experience for customers that makes guests feel warm and welcome, which also ties into their motto that, “a smile in any language comes for the heart.” This has led to the restaurant creating an identify for themselves as one of the premier locations in Surrey for authentic Indian foods and sweets.


Conveniently located on 72nd Avenue, Newton Bhaia offers the freshest and most authentic home made foods, showcasing the delicious flavours of India. As a family- run business, Bhaia Newton prides themselves on their exceptionally friendly service, treating their customers like family. Bhaia Newton’s menu serves an array of delights; ranging from a great selection of vegetarian curries, biryanis, samosas to fresh beads such as flavoured paranthas and naans. The restaurant specializes in beautiful traditional Indian desserts, handmade with love, care, and precision.

We definitely had to stop by and try some of their famous Indian desserts. Some of the most popular sweets included different variations of gulab jamun or colourful barfis.


Gulab Jamun

The Gulab Jamun is a South Asian sweet made from powdered or dried milk. Popular in countries such as India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Bangledash, this sweet is also popular in Caribbean countries as well as Jamaica.  This sweet dessert is prepared by heating milk over a low flame until most of the water content has been evaporated. These milk solids are then kneaded into a dough, shaped into smalls balls, and deep fried. The product is then soaked in a sugary syrup with flavourings such as green cardamom, rose water, or saffron.

We ordered a couple varieties of the gulab jamun.  One round shaped and covered in coconut shavings, one stuffed with a sweet condensed milk center, and a stuffed one in a pink colour as well! All the gulab jamuns were sticky and sweet just the way a dessert should be. They were soft, sugary, dripping in sweet liquid.



The Barfi is a dense milk based sweet dessert originating from India. Made from the main ingredients of condensed milk and sugar, there are a few varieties of the barfi including types made from cashew, pistachios, or peanuts. Barfi is often enhanced with fruits such as mangoes, coconuts, or even apples. These sweets are usually cut into the shape of a squares or diamonds before being wrapped in a thin layer of edible metallic leaves known as vark. The most popular spice used in this dessert is cardamom, however Bhaia Sweets takes it to another level by creating flavours like apple and even shaping them into the shape of the fruit!