Originating in Vancouver in 1978, Rocky Mountain Bicycles created a name for itself by connecting bike lovers to the riding trails that the West Coast has to offer. Originally beginning their business by modifying road bikes to be ridden on mountain trails, Rocky Mountain Bicycles is regarded as pioneers amongst the biking community. Over the course of their existence, they have emerged on the global scale as one of the leading bike manufacturers in the world. Focusing primarily on selling both mountain and road bikes, Rocky Mountain Bicycles has been able to continue with their manufacturing success, while opening branches all throughout the country.


Offering a wide variety of mountain and road bikes such as the Thunderbolt, Slayer, Altitude, Instinct, Pipeline, and Solo CX, it is a sure thing that the store has just what you are looking for. On the off chance that nothing catches your eye, Rocky Mountain Bicycles offers customization allowing  you to get exactly what you want.


Reconnect With Nature at Rocky Mountain Bicycles.

At its disposal, BC has to offer some of the world’s most beautiful and breathtaking scenery. This has ultimately led it to becoming one of the premier tourist destinations. For myself as well as countless other people, I try to make the most out of weekends by exploring. Although hiking is the prefered method for most, I personally prefer to experience what BC has to offer while on a bike. Whether it is on a peaceful lake trial or a steep mountainside, biking is a unique way for people to take in the scenery. Something that I like to do is to head up to Whistler for a weekend and explore the area on my bike. Having countless trails for riders to ride and scenery that is second to none, it is ensured that you will not see the same thing twice.


The thrill that a rider experiences while racing down the side of a steep mountain is second to none. For myself and other riders, this is what makes biking so appealing. Fortunately, BC has no shortage of this, which makes biking so popular. Rocky Mountain Bicycles provides residents of Newton as well as the surrounding community with the means to get outdoors and explore.


Upon first entering Rocky Mountain Bicycles, I was instantly taken back by the sheer quantity of bikes. Everywhere you looked, there were bikes of different styles and sizes, all unique and distinctive from one another. With the large stock of bikes, there is no doubt that Rocky Mountain Bicycles will have just that bike you have been looking for. If a new bike is something that you are not looking for, there is also a variety of different bike related equipment and other biking accessories. On the off chance that nothing catches your eye, Rocky Mountain Bicycles offers customization allowing  you to get exactly what you want.

One of the other noticeable things that caught my attention was the smell of oil. This is attributed to the fact that Rocky Mountain Bicycles does in house repair and maintenance for bikes. All of the mechanics at the store have a vast knowledge of bikes, which makes them capable of fixing any issue. Based on my interaction with the stores staff, I was left with the impression that they are both passionate and devoted to their job. With most of the staff being avid bike riders, it is easy to tell that their love for biking is shown through their job. With the ability to answer any bike related questions as well as being able to provide their own personal input, the staff is more than capable of taking of customers.


Overall, I was left with a positive impression from Newton’s Rocky Mountain Bicycles. Being a company that has been around since 1978, the staff at the Newton store does justice in living up to the company’s reputation. Being someone who has an understanding of bikes, I was extremely impressed with the vast knowledge and passion the staff had with riding. For anyone looking to buy a new bike, getting repairs done on their existing one or even buy accessories, I strongly recommend stopping by Newton’s Rocky Mountain Bicycles.