When we feel groggy, tired, or even disconnected, we often hear suggestions to “take a shower or put a face mask on.” Those are great ways to freshen up, but why not take it to the next level? Taking care of ourselves lead to good personal hygiene and that can improve our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Of course self-care will be different for everyone, but just starting with the basics of grooming can help freshen the mind.

Located in Newton, Bladez and Fadez is a brand new barber shop that specializes in men’s grooming. Although the focus is mostly on men’s haircuts, they also offer services such as hot towel shaves and beard trims. For those who shave, indulge in a luxurious and relaxing experience with the hot towel shave. The warmth and steam from the towel soothes the soul and relaxes the face. Then, shaving foam is applied with a hairbrush to soften the skin. With the sense-evoking properties of steam and essential oils from the towel, the beard softens up for a close and comfortable shave.

Fades are an increasingly popular haircut choice for men. Originated from black folks in the mid-80’s, the fade has risen to an iconic and staple hairstyle everywhere. Essentially, a ‘fade’ is a seamless progression of hair, from lighter to darker. It goes from a 0-1 from the bottom of the head and progresses into a 2-3 with a gradient-like look. It’s a simple, yet cool – safe, yet edgy hairstyle. It’s multidimensional where you can dress it down or up; perfect for any occasion. At Bladez and Fadez, Harjot and his team ensures that all clients will leave satisfied and feel good about their haircut; whether it be a snazzy fade or an immaculate trim.


Before Bladez and Fadez, Harjot converted his garage to a barber shop and cut hair there. Harjot recalls his own, past experiences with haircuts from other barber shops. It all started back in high school where he would go to different barber shops to get his ‘fade’ haircuts. He was never satisfied because the fade was incorrectly cut; he’d  have to go home and fix his haircut. One day, after coming home from his haircut and having to completely redo his hair, he decided to cut his own hair. Frustrated with his trips to the barbershop, he decided to take matters to his own hands – the very hands that eventually led him to open up his very own barber shop.


We all have a busy schedule, but a well-balanced life requires you to take some time for yourself. After all, it’s healthy to strive for the best versions of ourselves. Whether you want to feel confident and impress others or yourself, definitely consider a haircut at Bladez and Fadez. They’re the experts on trendy hair in Newton, and they’ll make sure you walk out refreshed.