Authentic Greek food in the heart of Newton. The Greek Corner brings the renowned tastes of Greece to the community. Specializing in classic Greek dishes such as moussaka, roast lamb, dolmades, spanakopita, and souvlaki, The Greek Corner has become a favourite spot for locals to enjoy authentic cuisine.


Upon entering The Greek Corner, the restaurant’s atmosphere makes you feel like you have been transported to a distant place. With the classical Greek music playing in the background as well as the traditional paintings and statues, The Greek Corner gives off a warm and welcoming environment.Owner Yianni, has owned the restaurant for the past 5 years and has put in the effort to create something special. His friendly and welcoming personality is something that is missing from most restaurants. Ultimately, this has resulted in customers continually returning.  




The lower mainland has no shortage of Greek restaurants, however, the quality and passion that is behind the food separates them from the competition. Souvlaki is one of the most renowned Greek dishes and at The Greek Corner it is one of their specialities. Depending on what you prefer, they have this dish in a variety of options. Offering this dish in chicken, lamb, mixed grill, beef, prawn and veggie, there is an option for everyone.


The experience that customers have while at The Greek Corner is one that has them talking. A quality Greek restaurant is something that has been missing in Surrey. Yianni and his staff at the restaurant have been successful over the years in filling this void. Being a fairly new restaurant that has gotten so much praise  you can not help but be excited for what the future has in store for them.