Madras Club House Restaurant serves authentic South Indian Cuisine in the heart of Newton’s town center. The geographical and cultural influences has been a large influence on South Indian cuisine. The four main states of South India comprise of Karntaka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Kerala. The climate is hot and humid, and the states are coastal, bringing an abundance of rainfall for fresh fruits, vegetables, and rice. The commonality between the cuisine in these regions is the use of rice, lentils and spices. The use of these three main ingredients lead to dishes rich with flavour that range from sweet, sour, to spicy.  


If this is your first time visiting Madras House, there are a few dishes that the chef recommends. These recommended dishes include the masala dosa, onion rava, parotta, and the chicken 65. From these dishes, the masala dosa has to be one of my favourites. The masala dosa can be described as a crepe stuffed with potato masala. Also available in a vegetarian option, the flavours from the dish do wonders for your taste buds. Recently, this dish has become more and more popular, and after trying it for the first time I understand why.


Being a family run restaurant, the experience that customers receive at Madras Club House is second to none. The employees at the restaurant are both kind and passionate with what they do. They make their guests feel welcomed and valued, which goes a long way for them wanting to return. Overall, Madras Club House is definitely a place you have to eat at when visiting Newton.The combination of flavorful food as well as the inviting staff will leave you wanting to come back.