Cloverdale Paint was co-founded in 1933 by Rudy Henke and Hunter Vogel. Despite achieving success across North America, they have maintained their Canadian roots in Surrey with a location in Newton for the past 40 years. Newton has in fact played a huge role for them, being home to a factory, warehouse, retail store, and a head office for the past few decades. Created with a desire to form relationships with customers based on a commitment to exceptional products, Cloverdale Paint has been excelling in this area. Despite producing millions of gallons every year, they consistently maintain the quality in every drop of paint.


Though they are consistently busy, Cloverdale Paint acknowledges how important it is to give back and regularly works to help the community through various donation efforts to local charities. The company has been beneficial not only for the community but also their employees. Steve, the manager at the Newton location, states that the genuine focus on their employees was a huge draw to becoming involved with the company.


Throughout the past 40 years, Cloverdale Paint has played an active role in the community, employing and providing for its community members. Steve, the current manager of the Newton Cloverdale location has been a part of the Cloverdale Paint family for over seven years. With family connections being a big part of Cloverdale Paint, he shares with us that it was his father- in- law that got him his first placement with the company. Originally found in 1933 and operated out of the Cloverdale area, Cloverdale Paint moved their distributing center to the heart of Newton in after a turn in management. Previously managing at the White Rock location, he acknowledges the main difference between locations is cultural diversity that the Newton community has, and believes that it is the people in the community that brings a unique aspect to the Newton area. As someone who was raised in the South Surrey community, Steve has witnessed the cultural build-up of the Surrey area, and is excited to see the future growth of our community.


Cloverdale Paint is a family-centric company, often employing family members of their past or current employees. They believe that this practice has enabled “the infusion of new ideas and talent while maintaining a rich, family tradition of craftsmanship that’s passed on from generation to generation.” Fostering relationships of growth with their employees and customers has enabled the Newton store to be one of Cloverdale’s busiest locations in the lower mainland. A majority of their products are even made right here in Newton.


Combining their excellent customer service and quality products for every need, Cloverdale has managed to succeed and grow every year. From humble beginnings on a farm near Cloverdale, BC to now being one of North America’s largest regional manufacturers, they know that there is no replacement for the quality of their service and products. As such they stand by their “no hassle guarantee” that allows every customer a complete refund, replacement or exchange if they are not satisfied with their purchase. This follows their belief that if “you make your customers number one, they’ll make you number one.” Cloverdale Paint has experienced much success as a result of this philosophy and will always be looking to grow their business and increase people’s awareness of where they are and what they offer.