Throughout their longstanding tenure in the Newton area, Veneto’s has been able to distinguish themselves within Surrey community by delivering irresistibly delicious specialty baked goods. Staying true to its European heritage, Veneto’s continues to create top quality cakes and pastries. Having a strong understanding of the store’s history and culture allows their employees to continue to produce high quality traditional products. Their quality of work is reflected in the success of the store, making them a long standing tenant in the Newton neighborhood.


One of Veneto’s prized specialty items is its acclaimed St. Honore cakes. The St. Honore cake was named after the French patron saint, Saint Honore in 1847 Paris France. A classic French pastry made from puff pastry as its base and a ring of pâte à choux (choux pastry) piped on the outer edge, dipped in caramelized sugar, filled with creme chiboust (pastry cream), and finally topped with a fresh whipped cream piped using a special St. Honore tip; this is definitely a dessert to die for.


I’ve always been a big lover of sweets; ice cream, cakes, or anything topped with whipped cream. The enormous selection of sweets and pastries when you first walk into Veneto’s can definitely be overwhelming, but nonetheless extremely exciting. From cannolis, chocolate cakes, to cream puffs, picking which treats to get was the most difficult decision of the day. From even outside of the store, the streets were filled with the warm aroma of fresh baked bread and delicious treats.


Of course, we had to try the St. Honore Cake at Venetos. The cake was beautifully decorated, puffy, and topped with powdered sugar goodness. This cake is rich, creamy, and delicious for any special occasion. Each cake can be custom made to order! The texture of the cake is mostly creamy and flaky, and although the custard and cream is thick, the cake still remains airy and light. The St. Honore cake is one of Veneto’s prized specialty items. As fresh European baked goods are a bit of a rarity in the Surrey area, we are lucky to have delicious baked goods available right in the heart of the Newton area.


After a few minutes of deliberation, we decided on the Canoccini as well as a Lemon Cheesecake. The first thing we noticed about the pastries was how visually appealing they were. Veneto’s attention to detail and care for each pastry is exhibited through their beautifully decorated treats. Described as a flaky pastry cone filled with bavarian cream, the Canoccini was for sure one of our favourites. The puffed cone melts in your mouth with every bite, and the sweet taste of the bavarian cream ties the whole dessert in. Next, we tasted the Lemon Cheesecake; the cheesecake had the perfect balance of sweetness and tart, with a light lemon flavour. By the end of our little sample, we were definitely eager to go back!


By consistently producing baked goods at such a high quality and standard, Veneto’s has been able to thrive as a small business in the area. Not only has the store been able to consistently meet the demand of their regular customers, they have also been able to pay homage to the stores’ roots through their products.


As a popular neighborhood lunch spot, Veneto’s also offers a variety of different fresh pastries, soups and sandwiches. When it comes to celebrating speciality events, Veneto’s caters to your wishes and requests to create a cake that will help celebrate the special occasion.