Bringing the tastes of South Indian to the heart of Surrey, Anjali’s Dosa Garden provides authentic Indian cuisine, reminiscent of the flavours found throughout India. Having a large menu comprised of renowned Indian dishes such as oothappam, curries, biryani, kottu roti, as well as their house special dosas. Specializing in the dosa, Anjali’s allows customers to experience a taste of home-cooked Indian cooking within the lower mainland.


Typically described as a “large stuffed crepe”, the dosa is a South Indian dish worth trying for your next food adventure. The dosa is a type of pancake made from rice, black gram (a type of black lentil), and some salt to form a fermented batter. Typical to a South Indian diet, this dish is gluten free and does not contain any saturated fats as well as sugars, making it a fairly healthy meal option. Although the dosa is usually served stuffed with goodies inside such as potatoes, paneer, or chutney, the airy and crispiness of the dosa pancake keep the entirety of the dish light. The size of the dosa will be daunting at first, but the crispy crepe will be easy to tear off into small pieces to be dipped into the filling. As a popular food trend at the moment, we are lucky to have Anjali’s Dosa Garden to cater to your Instagram and Snapchat feeds!


Opened just this past September, Anjali’s Dosa Garden has brightened up the food scene by bringing authentic and fresh Indian tastes to the Surrey Newton area. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the chefs have over 25+ years of experience cooking South Indian cuisine all over the world in places such as Dubai, Malaysia, and even the United States.  Moreover, Anjali’s dosa garden prides itself in serving fresh and healthy food prepared by their experienced cooks all at a reasonable price.


As one of the fastest growing culinary trends in Vancouver, the hype around the dosa is taking Newton by storm. Specializing in the dosa, Anjali’s dosa garden allows customers to experience a taste of home-cooked Indian cooking within the lower mainland. Bringing the tastes of South Indian, they provide authentic Indian cuisine, reminiscent of home style cooking.


Prior to the opening of Anjali’s, we at the BIA were unaware of just what a dosa was. It was not until we went to the restaurant ourselves that we truly understood the hype around these dishes. Upon first entering the restaurant, we were instantly greeted by the distinctive aroma of Indian spices. As someone who rarely cooks with excotic spices, and never tried South Asian cuisine before, I was taken aback by the strong but delicious scents. I couldn’t wait to settle down and try all the dishes for myself. 


We started off with some vegetable pakoras, which is deep fried onion and potato bites with a mix of spices. These golden nuggets were flavourful and soft on the inside, but battered to crispy perfection on the outside. With potatoes, onions, and coriander, and served with a delicious sweet tamarind sauce. 


The pakora appetizer was good, but I was definitely ready for the star of the show.  We ordered the Spinach Masala Dosa. This being the first time I experienced the dosa, I was unsure what to expect with the first bite. All of the skepticism about this new trend was quickly put to rest after that first bite, and without hesitation I found myself inhaling what was infront of me. The Dosa was huge; enough for us to all share just one. The potatoes and spinach were cooked soft and well seasoned with the delicious Masala spice. With every bite, I could taste the different flavours and textures from this dish. The dosa was soft in the middle but crunchy on the edges, and it was a perfect vessel for the wonderful filling. The dish came with two dipping sauces, one spicy but sweet tomato based sauce, and another green chutney. Everything was new to me and was amazingly delicious.


After experiencing the dosa for the first time I have nothing but positive things to say about the dish as well as Anjali’s dosa garden. Without question, I will be making another trip to the restaurant. For anyone who is skeptical about the dosa, all I can say is the hype is fully justified. As for where you can experience this new trend, Anjali’s dosa garden hands down is the best place.