The main theme that came out of the updated Newton Town Center plan was an increase in the density allowed surrounding the proposed Light Rapid Transit – LRT line.


Thriving Mix Use Redevelopment with affordable housing
The Newton BIA has been in favour of purposeful residential development within the Town Center since its inception in 2014. The updated plan provides clarity that will enhance the viability of mid-rise mix use density with buildings ranging from 13-20 stories tall. The area has multiple vacant lots that desperately need redevelopment and the aging infrastructure of businesses require a little TLC.

  1. More people living in Town Center. Increase Density.
  2. Vacant Lot redevelopment
  3. Increase profitability on entire business landscape
  4. Night life activates eyes on the street


LRT – Connectivity
LRT is coming to Newton. This investment is the catalyst that will transform Newton! I have been a huge supporter of the project since 2014.

  1. Catalyst for Transformation
  2. Connect residents to the entire city
  3. Increase Walkability and bicycle use
  4. Improve Small business environment


Cultural Entertainment District
In 2015 the Newton BIA unveiled an ambitious 20 year plan that called for the creation of a cultural entertainment district in Newton. The increase of mix use development and the population density that is linked to these plans along with a strong business case that LRT provides the area the Newton BIA believes that creating a cultural hub is a viable brand for the Newton Town Center.

  1. Advocate Events Center
  2. Arena & Convention Space
  3. Hotel Development
  4. Central Plaza & Park combined with retention ponds
  5. Maximize surrounding Sports venues
  6. Increase placemaking with Mural Alley
  7. Host more major events
  8. Increase Public Art installations
  9. Community Center Expansion
  10. Library Expansion


Park Development
The retention ponds south of 72 Avenue provide an ideal park that will enhance the livability of the new residents that are living within the densified Town Center. By expanding the park to the edge of the senior center the plan will ensure that the green space is part of the development and not isolated.

  1. Increased Park Space – Green Space
  2. Increase livability
  3. Ability to host major events
  4. Sustainability


Public Safety
The current number one priority in Surrey must be decreasing crime throughout the city. In 2017 at the State of Newton the BIA advocated for an increase in RCMP to achieve a five percent decrease in crime. The current opioid epidemic and drug trade are devastating families, eroding all public confidence and creating a negative image of the Newton brand.

  1. Decrease crime by 5% in 2019
  2. 100% increase Community Response Unit
  3. 3% Annual Increase RCMP general duty
  4. Increase BIA security patrols
  5. Expand Safety initiatives
    • Safe Ride
    • Used Needle collection


What we do not need is more pieces of paper that collect dust on the shelf. Its time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Its an election year and the rhetoric will be thick. Its easy to promise miracles but it’s the actions and budgets that matter.\