In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.


“This year Tax Freedom Day falls on June 10. Tax Freedom Day measures the total yearly tax burden imposed on Canadian families by all levels of government: If you had to pay all your taxes up front, you’d give government every dollar you earned before June 10. This year, the average Canadian family (with two or more people) will pay $50,464 in total taxes or 43.6 per cent of its annual income.” – Fraser Institute


I get a little depressed by this topic. Its not that I do not support the need for government, it’s the lack of accountability and waste that boils my blood. Every year I read a report on how local municipalities are raising property taxes by another 3-6%. For the past 11 years I have owned a commercial property in Newton. Operating a small business can consume you. It takes a toll on your family and health. I received my annual property tax bill which surpassed $42,000.


Property Taxes, Personal Taxes, Corporate Taxes, PST, GST, Liquor Tax, Fuel Tax, Carbon Tax…….and it goes on forever. Does the public feel they are getting the best bang for their buck? If you go to any coffee shop in the community, there is always going to be chit chat about how terrible government is. However, we must remember that Canada is an amazing place. Mostly, we live charmed lives compared to the rest of the world. Can things be better? Of course, they can! The real question is, are we doing anything about it?


How can we get more involved in our communities? How can we build community? Governments are always going to spend as much as possible. It’s up to the passionate leaders of our neighborhoods to tap into those resources and force change.


Results matter!